The mobile wallet, which is also called mobile wallet, digital wallet or e-wallet. A mobile technology that is used similarly to a real wallet. Provides a convenient solution for any business.Allow customers to purchase online or offline. Convenient user to make in-store payments. Can be integrate with marketing & sales content empowerment program.

E-Wallet Type

Our E-wallet divided by 3 types as below:

Cash wallet transfer to cash wallet.
Cash wallet transfer to register and merchandise wallet.
Cash wallet allows request withdrawal.
Cash wallet allow to transfer to Mobile wallet.
Minimum RM10 balance in cash wallet.
Only use for registration purposes.
Register wallet allow request from cash wallet.
Can’t donate to any other wallet.
Members can purchase register point via payment gateway or bank in.
Allow to purchase Reload / billers.
Purchase merchandise products.
Allow request from cash wallet.

Mobile Wallet - Features for End-User

1.  E-Wallet balance & transaction history

2.  Refill & funds withdrawal.

3.  Telco top up / reloads.

4.  Online payments for goods & services.

5.  Insurance payments).

6.  Other services (transportation fares, loans, charity etc.).

7.  Tuition fee payments.

8.  Entertainment - tickets, games, paid content.

9.  Integration with prepaid cards, card payments.

10.  QR code payments.

11.  Instant P2P transfers (e-wallet to e-wallet).

12.  Remittance.

Mobile Wallet - Features for Business

1.  Full automation of payment acceptance.

2.  Instant money transfer to merchant’s e-wallet.

3.  Payments history.

4.  Invoicing.

5.  Generating vouchers, related business reports.

6.  Fees management.

7.  SMS & messaging notifications.

8.  B2C payments.

9.  Holding funds.

10.  API integration.

E-Wallet Advantages?

Time Saving

  Many times when you go for online shopping or for mobile recharge, you even wouldn’t have time to enter your credit card details. So, for that time you would miss digital wallet. If you keep some amount in your digital wallet, it will be easier to make payments online without having to enter the card details. It’s really time saving.


  If you’re thinking that your money is insecure in digital wallets, then you’re wrong because all the wallets offers the password security service to lock your wallet very well. And most of the wallets provide the extra security to keep your money secure from unauthorized access.

Track the Expenditure

   Every amount spent on your mobile wallet or each of your transaction can easily be tracked through your account. How many dollars you add to your wallet from your bank account, how many dollars you spend every day, and everything you can track through your digital wallet account.

Attractive Discounts

   Sometimes you can get lots of attractive discounts for buying products online. If you’re using digital wallet of any online wallet provider, you may find some discounts but for this you will have to make payments only with your digital wallet. So, it can also be a great benefit of having digital wallet.