When you connect a mobile phone to a network (a Telecommunication Provider) you need to purchase credits to enable you to use that Telco network’s Airtime. Airtime allows you to access the network’s service offerings, voice, data, sms etc. A Top-Up is referred to as ‘adding more credit / value / currency’ to a mobile phone’s service.

Our Topup Works?

- Sending airtime top-ups to other people is easy. All you need is a physical or online retail outlet and the recipient’s phone number. You are then able to send as much (or as little) top-up value of airtime as you like.

- In a retail shop, you may need to know the Telco of the recipient’s phone, as they may only have the ability to sell a particular Telco’s airtime top-up.

- Many online shops provide the ability to send and receive cross-border airtime top-ups in almost any country to almost any Telco, with the use of only the recipient’s phone number.

Lets see how our reload works:

Our Topup Telco?

Our listing topup telco as below: